Rudolf-Franz Fanta and His Fate


Rudolf Fanta was born on February 12th, 1879 in Saaz. His father, Eduard Fanta was an important transport businessman and Saaz hops freight forwarder, who invented a special rail cars to transport hops. Mother Theresa nee Stein also comes from a family of famous Saaz citizen, her father was Nathan Stein. Their family house was right on namesti Svobody (Freedom Square), Hotel U Hada today.

Fanta married April 11th, 1918 to Anna Maria Girschick, and from their marriage come two children, who have also died. In the thirties, Mr. Fanta was one of the leading members of the Sudeten German Social Democratic Party, and this work led him to Franzensbad.

After the occupation of the Sudeten by the German army he was immediately arrested because he was not only a social democrate but also of Jewish origin. His path led through Terezin (Theresienstadt) and Dachau concentration camps to Buchenwald, where he was killed as prisoner number 7898 in Block 34, and his death reason was officially attributed to "angina pectoris."

His granddaughter lives in Chemnitz in Thüringen (Germany) and provided a copy of the appropriate photo and document.


 KZ Dachau  (Foto:Bundesarchiv).